Summer Turnout Tips, by Kentucky Performance Products

Summer is in full swing! This can present interesting turnout challenges. Here are some tips to keep your horses happy and healthy through the warmer months.


1. Turn out during the early morning or overnight when it is cooler. Keep an eye out for overnight storms!

2. Stable during peak heat hours. Use fans to avoid stuffy, stagnant air. They also keeps pesky flies off your horse!

3. Provide shelter from the sun. Make sure your pasture has a shady tree-covered area or shelter for relief from the sun.

4. Hydration and snack station. Provide ample water and some hay in their shaded spot.

5. Cover up for protection. Utilize well-ventilated gear such as fly masks and sheets or light sheets and hoods.

6. Apply sunscreen. White or light-colored horses can benefit from a water-resistant high SPF sunscreen on their sensitive areas.

7. Give your horse a fresh cut. Clip your horse if they have a long coat for some heat relief.

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