Thursday Video: If My Kid Had a Pony…

… oh wait. Mine does.

Every once in a while, a video comes along that really, truly makes me feel seen. Whether it’s as an equestrian or as a parent, knowing that other are out there going through the same s#!t I am offers some solace. This is one of those videos.

In this Facebook reel, Maija Vance goes through the litany of things she would say to her child if she had a kid that wanted to ride ponies. I would 100% be lying if I didn’t admit to having said about 95% of these things to my own kids regarding their ponies/horses. I think my favorite might be when she says, “If you don’t get out and muck your pony’s box out, we’re not selling him. We’ll keep him, but he’ll be mine. So… have fun with those feelings.”

Warning: This video is hilarious, but is NSFW. It contains a fair amount of swearing.

What are some of the golden lines YOU use when talking to your offspring about the horse THEY wanted? Let us know in the Facebook comments.