Thursday Video: Every Horse Girl Movie Ever

Funny because it’s true…

This isn’t the first video/reel of its kind, and it won’t be the last. Be that as it may, it still makes us laugh because it’s just so freaking true. After all, what would a good horse girl movie be without the frantic attempt to save the family farm by training the untrainable horse? Because, clearly, that’s the best way to go about securing the funds to save a large piece of horse property. Man, I want THAT mortgage — enough funds can be raised by winning a local show. SIGN ME UP.

Enjoy this reel from Instagrammer @annaclarkeequestrian:

Laugh though we might, let’s be real. We’re still totally here for this plot line, and we’ll watch the next movie of its kind that gets released. Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go riding!