SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Three Reasons Your Horse Colics

As horse owners, colic is one of our worst nightmares. The causes vary and horses often present differently depending on their age and temperament. The resolution can range from minimal intervention to major surgery.

Fortunately, we can predict the causes of the most common types of colic. Here are three of the most common reasons your horse might colic.

1. Hay & Grain Changes


Changes in hay, including switching types or feeding a new cut, can increase a horse’s chances of developing colic by 10x. Grain changes, including changes in amount, type or brand, can cause a 5x increase in colic risk.

2. Lack of Water


Lack of access to water has been associated with greater risk for GI trouble, including impaction colic.

3. Increased Stall Time / Change in Activity


Research shows that stabling increases the chances of colic episode compared to being turned out. Sudden increases or decreases in the amount of exercise a horse gets can lead to digestive disturbance.

So what can you do to prevent colic? 

Fortunately, our friends at SmartPak are here to help. They created ColiCare® to help lower your horse’s risk of digestive upset and to give you peace of mind in three specific ways:

1. Combines our best hindgut supplements with preventive veterinary care.

With over 1,900 reviews, ColiCare Eligible Supplements are trusted by riders and owners like you, the ones who want to take the best care of what matters most. Each supplement boasts ingredients backed by research so you can feel good about what you’re feeding.

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2. Can be used on its own or with existing insurance.

ColiCare is fully compatible with all equine insurance policies and makes a great complement to insurance, as a way to provide additional financial coverage. Depending on the insurance policy, horse owners may choose to use their ColiCare coverage instead of or in addition to their insurance payout, for expenses that have not already been reimbursed.

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3. Covers senior horses with no upper age limit!

To be accepted, a horse’s owner must have completed the SmartPak ColiCare Program Enrollment Form and have received written confirmation from SmartPak that the horse has been accepted into the ColiCare Program. There is no upper age limit- we welcome senior horses into the ColiCare program!

SmartPak created ColiCare® to help lower your horse’s risk of digestive upset and to give you peace of mind. Learn more about the program here

Go SmartPak and go riding!