Thursday Video: Extreme Skijoring

As winter releases its grip on us, we want to pay homage to this rad winter sport.

It’s no secret that skijoring is on my bucket list. Whether as the rider or skier, this is something I long to do… okay, so maybe being the skier is something I longed to do two knee surgeries and 15 pounds ago, but I digress. I still think this sport is freaking bad-a$$, and given the opportunity I’d be in.

Well, as if the sport by itself weren’t bad-a$$ enough, Big Sky Skijoring was like, “How do we make this bigger, badder, AND better? We know! Let’s add pyrotechnics and a backflipping snowmobile.” (I’m not sure if this is actually what they said, but it doesn’t matter. That was definitely the result.) I won’t lie. I’m here for it.


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Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Do what make you feel bad-a$$ and go riding!