Thursday Video: Snow Angels

Winter is here, Horse Nation! What better way to celebrate than with some snow angels?

Here in Pennsylvania, we’re still solidly in the midst of mud season. Sure, we’ve had a few dustings, but not enough to freeze the ground. Really, they just amount to rain that looks vaguely prettier when falling from the sky, but then immediately melts and makes more mud. However, this weekend there is a call for a fair amount of snow… theoretically. The model indicates that we can get anywhere from nearly a foot of snow to, well, more rain. Sigh.

This video from Instagram has me hoping for some snow — especially if you have a friendly and curious horse to join you in making snow angels. It sure as heck beats chipping ice off of spigots and schlepping through the snow to throw hay. Sure, that’s all part of a winter wonderland if you’re a horse owner, but for now, let’s enjoy the happier and more carefree moments like this one.


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Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go riding!