SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Does Your Horse Have a Drinking Problem?

No, we’re not trying to encourage your horse to participate in dry January, but we ARE wondering if your horse is staying hydrated.

By SmartPaker Ali Auker

Does your horse have a drinking problem?

If you’ve ever had a four-legged friend with a penchant for drama and a PhD in water critique, you’re in good company. Meet Tony, my 18-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, who’s not only the charmer of the stable but also the reigning king of picky drinking. Finding the perfect potion to keep him hydrated without a full-on standoff has been quite the challenge. Enter Gallagher’s Water – the product that turned Tony’s water world upside down.

Owning Tony since he was born, he is nearly a child to me. But for all his charm, getting him to drink water has been a saga. He’s not just picky; he’s a water sommelier, complete with disapproving glances at buckets that don’t meet his color-coordinated standards. Trying to get him to hydrate sometimes felt like negotiating with a stubborn teenager.

To add a layer of complexity, Tony’s got chronic colic and a history of gastric ulcers on the docket. It’s like having a perpetual rain cloud over your head, except instead of rain, it’s the constant worry about his health. Managing his diet has become an art form, and coaxing him to drink enough water has been a challenge.

And then, in a stroke of fate, I stumbled upon the Gallagher’s Water booth at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event. Skeptical yet hopeful, I thought, “Why not give it a shot?” Little did I know, this was going to be a game changer for us.

Picture this: Tony, eyeing his water bucket with a disdain only he could muster. I whip out the secret weapon – Gallagher’s Water. I sprinkle the packet into his bucket, and it’s like the heavens opened up. Tony, the picky drinking prodigy, takes one sniff, one sip, and then proceeds to chug the entire thing. Our barn owner, who has seen it all, was in shock that he was so quick to suck it down. Over the next few days of him reacting the same way, she was convinced and we now keep a box in the feed room at all times.

In Conclusion: Cheers to Gallagher’s Water! In the grand tale of Tony’s hydration revolution, Gallagher’s Water is the hero we didn’t know we needed. We now use it for trailering, hot days, extra cold days, and anything in between. It’s not just about getting a picky horse to drink; it’s about ensuring that our equine companions stay happy, healthy, and hydrated.

So, here’s a virtual toast to Gallagher’s Water – the potion that turned Tony from a picky drinking diva into the hydrated heartthrob of the stable. If you’ve got a Tony in your life or just want to make sure your horse is sipping in style, give Gallagher’s Water a shot. 🐴💦

You can learn more about Gallagher’s Water here.

Stay hydrated and go riding!