Fantasy Farm Friday: World Class Training Facility

Not all fantasy “farms” are places we live. No, some of them are places we wish we could train — or send our horses to be trained.

We’re putting a bit of a different spin on today’s Fantasy Farm Friday. Rather than a traditional fantasy farm — where we can’t escape get to live on the same property as our horses — this is a world class training facility designed by GH2 Equine Architects. The master plan for this facility accommodates up to 1600 horses and has amenities such as┬ásuch as swimming pools, aqua-walkers and a central vet hospital and farrier forge.

Every consideration for equine welfare, health and safety went into this plan. According to the Instagram post, here are just a few of the features:

  • Stall barns with wide aisles and fold-down yokes to allow horses to hang their heads out, as well as opportunities for horses familiar with one another to touch between stalls.
  • Indoor facilities are temperature controlled to keep horses comfortable in the hot and humid climate where this facility is
  • Separation of vehicle traffic from the horses, maintaining a quiet, peaceful environment
  • Varying opportunities for movement, aside from daily training, from grass turnouts, dry lots, and sand rolls to walkers and swimming pools
  • Separation between groups of horses entering the facility, such as between stall blocks and turnouts, for enhanced biosecurity

Suffice to say this isn’t your run-of-the-mill training facility. Imagine what could be done here — the rehab, the fitness, the training. We’re in awe.