How to Maintain Your Love of Horses When Living in the City

It takes a special kind of person to love horses. These giant creatures are unique, but when you create a bond with them, there is nothing that can break those bonds. When you love horses and live in the city, it is so hard to still be able to find ways to interact with horses and carry on that affection.

The good news is that there are options, even when you live in a city neighborhood. It may require some creativity or planning, but you can maintain your love of horses. Check out these tips!

Find Horse-Related Technology

If you can’t make it to a stable or find a great place to ride and visit horses, you can always find technology that supports horse loving. There are a lot of options when it comes to looking for digital solutions to get your horse fix.

Of course, you can look for horse-themed games, but that is just the beginning. You could also look for things like wallpapers for your phone and computer, movies or videos that have horses, and even virtual reality options that will make you feel like you are in the stables for real.

These are all fun ways to experience and enjoy horses when you can’t get to them in person. It’s a top solution for living in a city neighborhood.

Horse Riding Rentals or Stables

If you are tired of the digital aspect of horses and just really need an in-person solution, you can always find a nearby stable that will let you rent the horses and go for a ride. If you have horses, find a great stable in surrounding areas that will let you rent space and provide care for your horse while it is boarded there.

These are both great options to maintain your ability to see live horses from time to time. While you probably won’t get to experience them every day, you can still enjoy horse-related activities with some planning to do so.

Whether you rent stables for your horses or you pay to ride and see someone else’s horses, this is a great option to maintain your love of horses.

Horse Decor

There are so many horse-themed decorations out there that you can incorporate into your city home. While it’s still not the real thing, it can satisfy some of that need to see and interact with horse-related things.

Change some of your decor around your living space to incorporate horses. You can do a rustic theme, a western theme, or even a horse theme and make it work. You will find tons of items. Here is some inspiration.

●      Wallpaper

●      Wall hangings

●      Stuffed horses

●      Patterned pillows

●      Statuettes

●      Knick knacks

●      Toys

All of these items have horses or horse-related items that you can use. Create the style that appeals to you, and enjoy horses in your own home, even when you live in the city!

Horse Camps or Activities

Another great way to maintain your love of horses is to get involved in horse-related activities. Chances are that somewhere nearby or within your city, there are clubs, camps, and other activities that involve horses. Do a little research and find what is offered around you. Many of the camps and activities that are horse-related take place in the summer months, but you may find options all year long.

You can join horse-based clubs that go on trail rides together. These clubs may even provide a good resource for taking advantage of shared services or stable rentals to house your horse. Much like other activities, this may require some planning and costs, but it’s a great way to enjoy the horses on occasion.

Be Aware of City Codes and Requirements

Finally, if you choose to own a horse while living in the city, there may be codes and requirements that you should be aware of. Renting a stable or barn space is probably the better option, but you may be able to keep a horse at your home in some situations.

For this scenario, you will need to check with local allowances to determine if it is even possible. Then, you will need to determine what is required and allowed. You want your horse to live a good life. The truth is that you may not be able to provide the best life in the city, so be sure to consider all options.

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t own a horse or still maintain your love for horses. You simply need to know and understand your options and be creative about finding the right solutions. You have options!