Thursday Video: Pas de Deux Champions

The duo is absolutely mesmerizing!

Vaulting is one of those equestrian sports that always has impressed me. The athleticism, keeping in rhythm with the horse, the general coordination… it’s just awe-inspiring. When it’s done by a team, I’m even more impressed. Like, I can’t even compete in a three-legged race without eating dirt. And the idea of a tandem bicycle or kayak makes me vibrate with anxiety (we can discuss my control issues later). So, the idea of THIS event as a team… WOW.

This performance is an incredible display of teamwork by Eva Nagiller and Romana Hintner. They were able to take the title of FEI Vaulting European Pas de Deux Champions with a score of 8.696! Plus, their ensembles make the overall effect absolutely mesmerizing.

Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go riding!