Keeping Your Horse’s Water Clean, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

As the outside air gets warmer, those water troughs get slimy faster. Here are some quick tips on keeping your horse’s water clean and safe:

Tip 1: Daily maintenance.

  • Purchase a pool skimmer net to remove debris, insects, grass and algae from your horse’s water tank daily.
  • Clean automatic watering bowls of debris and make sure they’re filling properly.
  • Empty water buckets for stalled horses daily and give them a quick scrub.

Tip 2: Deep clean every few days.

  • If your tank is too large for your horses to empty daily, fi¬ll it with just enough water for a two- to three-day supply.
  • Every few days empty the tank and manually scrub it with a stiff brush, or use a pressure washer to clean it.
  • Use natural apple cider vinegar as a cleaner. Avoid using diluted bleach.
  • Discourage dogs from playing in the tank. They can deposit dirt and debris.

Tip 3: Provide extra buckets in stalls.

  • If your horse likes to dip hay or feed in their water buckets, provide one bucket for dipping and another one for drinking.

You can get a printable version of this infographic here.

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