Games and Hobbies for Those Who Enjoy Horse Racing

For those who love horse racing, there are a number of options to further your enjoyment of the sport — or the animal!

We know what it is like when you’re interested in horses. It can be a subject you get very passionate about, and this means it can permeate pretty much every part of your life.

It’s also safe to assume that if you love horses and horse racing, there are some other hobbies and games that you might be into. In this list, you’ll find some games that you may have already played and you may also find some new hobbies and interests to delve into, all revolving around your beloved horses.

Game: Casino Games

A lot of us get into horses racing because we enjoy the thrill of the sport. We enjoy the strategy that goes into it as well as the thrill of seeing how things pan out once the race is under way.

Horse racing is also about preparation and improvement, going in with a strategy. There are parallels with games such as poker and blackjack, which can be played at Ignition online casino, which is a reliable platform for casino games. A lot of horse racing lovers also enjoy playing slots; there are even some horse-themed slots out there, so there is plenty in the casino industry that interests those who like equestrian sports.

Hobby: Equestrian Studies

It could just be that you are thrilled and interested in the majesty of horses in general, and not just racing. There is a lot to be learned about these amazing creatures. The study of equestrian matters can be as simple as reading blogs and books, or you may even choose to take classes.

A lot of people don’t know that much about the history of horses and how they have been seen culturally throughout history. If you are into horse racing, learning about the history of racing can also be very interesting. Horses are intertwined with human history in a way that very few animals are, and for those who already have an interest in horses, it can be interesting to explore more about this.

Game: Horseopoly and Other Horse Board Games

If you are passionate about horses then there’s a chance you might also love board games that focus on horses and horse racing. In “Horseopoly” you are playing monopoly… but with horses. This can be a great game for a horse-loving family to play and a twist on some of the traditional board games.

A word of warning, there are absolutely loads of different horse-based board games. Some of them involve trying to win a fictional race, others just use horses as the characters. Waddingtons used to make their version of Monopoly called Totopoly, which involved training horses. This game was very popular in the 1950s.

There are so many examples of equestrian games including Top Trumps games for those who just want a quick game to play with kids.

Hobby: Equestrian Art

Some people don’t realize what a huge world of equestrian art there is out there. A quick search on Instagram or Google will show you the artists who are working in this field. Whether you want to celebrate your love of horses by collecting amazing artwork to display around the house, or you want to get involved, you have options.

Creating artwork yourself can be a challenge, and it is not easy to paint or draw beautiful horses, but your inspiration for the animals and the sports they have spawned. Some names to check out include Marie Acker, Terence Cuneo, Neil Cawthorne, Tony O’Connor, and Norman Hoad, all of whom have unique styles and fascinating catalogs of art. These are only a few examples, though, there are thousands of artists creating fascinating work in the field.

Game: Rival Stars Horse Racing

Did you know you can keep your very own stable full of horses right in your pocket? Rival Stars Racing is a quirky mobile game that lets you run a stable, breed and manage your horses and ultimately compete in virtual races. The game is fun for those who love the behind-the-scenes aspect of horse racing or for those who have fancied themselves as trainers but haven’t ever had the chance.

Rival Stars Horse Racing also has a computer version which is a little more in-depth and great for lovers of horse racing and strategy games.

Final Thoughts

We all have our reasons for loving horse racing. Some of us love the big day out when the race days come around, and some of us love the horses themselves and the care that goes into the sport of racing.

There are plenty of hobbies and games that people who are into racing tend to also be into, including computer games, board games, and simple hobbies like reading up about the industry and the magnificent animals and people involved.