Thursday Video: Polo Wrapping Tips

Do you know how to wrap polos correctly? Check out these tips from the lopers at MacCallum Performance.

Nearly every year, we post a video on polo wrapping. Some may find this repetitive, but we find it necessary. Plus, there are SO MANY good videos out there, it’s always worth the share.

This one comes from the good folks at MacCallum Performance. Here are the tips they offer:

  • Avoid bunching — keep everything flat and smooth.
  • Keep even tension throughout the wrap — not too tight, just firm!
  • Always adjust tail length according to the length of the horse’s cannon bone — the longer the tail, the shorter the cannon bone; the shorter the tail, the longer the cannon bone.
  • Wrap evenly down the leg! Don’t bunch one area as pressure points can also cause bandage bows.
  • When you do your wrap around the heel, keep plenty of upward tension and don’t go too low.
  • Make sure you have made a “V” shape at the front.
  • Practice makes perfect!
  • Always tape your Velcro for additional safety.


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Be sure to keep your horses safe and supported when you ride! Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go riding!