Reaction Times, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Did you know that horses have the fastest reaction times of all domestic animals we interact with?

Of all the domestic animals we interact with, horses have the fastest reaction time. Horses evolved with this trait as an effective way of avoiding trouble.

So what does this mean for us?

As caretakers and riders it is important we understand just how quickly our horse can react and plan accordingly. If a horse decides to bite, kick or strike, you are an easy target. Stay out of harm’s way by knowing where your horse’s “safety zones” are and don’t become complacent. Even the quietest horse in the barn will react quickly when instinct takes over.

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Wish your horse was calmer?

Spooky, tense, edgy, unfocused. If these words describe your horse, a calming supplement could make training easier and riding more fun.

Trouble Free is scientifically formulated to support healthy nervous system function and help your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition.

Trouble Free:

  • Contains alpha-lactalbumin, a unique ingredient that supports normal nerve function and maintains calmness.
  • Helps horses maintain a relaxed attitude and supports a positive experience for both horse and rider.
  • Provides supplemental thiamine (B1), taurine, inositol, and magnesium.

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