Thursday Video: The Healing Power of Horses, Writ Large

Horses are great healers — in so many ways. Step inside an equine facilitated therapy program that helps people overcome a number of mental health roadblocks with this documentary feature:

The use of horses as therapy animals goes back a long time, with a number of proven applications – and as far as mental health therapy uses go, we’re still discovering just how much power they wield. A great friend of mine, who runs a yard and trains competition ponies, enrolled herself in an equine facilitated therapy course and found so much comfort, and made such progress in it, that she then underwent the long process of training to be a facilitator herself – and although many might find the idea of connecting with horses on a ‘vibrational’ level a touch woo-woo, there’s an awful lot to be said for the magic that happens when we slow down, shelve our egos, and learn to simply communicate with an animal. This documentary on Equinisity, which runs spiritual therapeutic retreats, certainly lends itself well to an interesting conversational jumping off point about how much horses can actually help us.