What Is Your Horse’s Colic Risk? Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

If you’ve wondered what your horse’s risk for colic is, you’re in luck! Equine Guelph has developed a handy tool to help you calculate your horse’s colic risk. Check it out!

Colic is defined as any abdominal pain. With digestive tracts measuring 85 feet in length coupled with the inability to throw up, horses are particularly vulnerable to colic. Further, horses have evolved over eons as continuous grazers, but in recent history, humankind has taken horses out of their natural environment and applied the stresses of modern day management.

Inclement weather, new hay, traveling, competing – there are a lot of factors that impact your horse’s colic risk.

Use this handy colic risk rater from Equine Guelph to learn more about colic risk factors and ways to reduce the risk to your horse.

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