Equestrians Mourn: No Clydesdales in This Year’s Super Bowl Commercial…

… well, sort of.

Unfortunately, equestrians in the United States are in for a major disappointment during Super Bowl LVII. That’s right, folks. There are no Clydesdales in this year’s commercial.

Sort of.

Apparently Budweiser does realize that the Clydesdales not only are our favorite part of the Super Bowl, but that others love them as well. So this year’s commercial does give a nod to the equine giants, granting them a cameo at the very beginning of the commercial.

This cameo comes in the form of about 2.5 seconds of a classic commercial, with the sing-song “Budweiser beer, the king is second to none” jingle going in the background. Sigh. The Budweiser commercials of yesteryear…

From there the commercial goes on to ask who Budweiser is for and makes the case that it’s for everyone. It’s narrated by Kevin Bacon and has a clever take on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game (if you’re not sure to what we’re referring, check it out here).

Overall, the message is that Budweiser is for everyone because people who “share the same spirit share the same beer” and that “this Bud’s for you.”

Sigh. We’d still like to see more horses. And just to make ourselves feel better about there not being ENOUGH horses in this year’s Super Bowl commercial, we might just revisit all the Budweiser Clydesdale ads since 1996.

If you want to watch this year’s full Budweiser commercial before Sunday, you can view it here: