Kentucky Performance Products Tuesday Video: What Our Trainers Are Really Thinking

We all want to know what our trainers are really thinking… don’t we? 😬

Our trainers are great for offering words of encouragement, advice, and all sorts of wisdom, but do you ever wonder what your trainer is really thinking? Realistically, I’m pretty sure we all do. But the truth is, maybe we don’t want to know what they’re thinking. I mean, can we handle it if they do tell us?

In order to let us know the answer to that question — with a dose of reality and quite a bit of levity — is Dale Brisby. Here’s what our trainers really think of our riding.

Prepare to laugh.

About Kentucky Performance Products, LLC:

Challenge:  Maintaining condition during competition and training

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  • Maintains optimal condition.
  • Supports muscle over the topline.
  • Won’t cause excitability; low in starch and sugar.

Energy is traditionally supplied by cereal grains such as oats, corn, and barley. These feedstuffs deliver energy as carbohydrates or starch. But what if you want to supply more energy to your horse without increasing the feed intake? Feeding a fat supplement is an excellent way to achieve this.

Fat is considered a source of “calm” energy and is thought to modify behavior in some horses, making them more tractable. This, in turn, allows horses to focus their energy on work rather than nervousness.

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