Quick Tip From Kentucky Performance Products: Winter Weight Gain

Some horses put on a little extra weight in the off-season (same, girl, same). Here’s what you can do to mitigate that weight gain.

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products

Some horses gain weight when given a winter break from trail riding, training, and/or showing. The extra weight can make getting them back in shape much harder come spring.

Monitor your horse’s weight carefully during breaks and, if necessary, back off on high-energy feeds. Remember that when you feed less than the recommended amounts of a commercial feed, you need to supplement with a complete vitamin and mineral pellet to ensure your horse’s nutrient requirements are still being met.

Never cut back on hay to reduce calorie intake; instead, change to a more mature grass hay that will provide plenty of fiber but less energy.

About Kentucky Performance Products, LLC:

Challenge: Maintaining healthy vitamin E levels when horse’s don’t have access to fresh green grass
Solution: Elevate® Maintenance Powder, Natural vitamin E


  • Maintains healthy muscles, reducing soreness and stiffness
  • Supports normal nerve function
  • Sustains a robust immune system

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