Thursday Video: Adam Driver Is a … Centaur?

Check out this new ad from Burberry, where Adam Drive and a horse become one. We think.

Here at Horse Nation, we are all about advertising that includes horses. I mean, who doesn’t love a good tear-jerking Budweiser commercial that focuses on Clydesdales and, sometimes, dogs? For some of us, that’s literally the only reason we watch the Super Bowl.

So, we were pretty excited to see Burberry’s new ad for their fragrance Hero. After all, there’s a horse running on the beach and a horse swimming. That’s typically right up our alley.

But, we would be flat-out lying if we didn’t say we were left a bit… perplexed at the end of this commercial. It features Adam Driver and a Palomino running on the beach, then swimming, then… twirling (?) in the water and, finally, becoming one. We think. We’re not entirely sure about the angle on this ad, but we’re also not complaining about it. We might have to watch it a few more times to figure out exactly what’s happening.

Let us know what you think. Happy Thursday, Horse Nation! Go riding.