Senior Horses and Weight Management, Presented by Kentucky Performance Products

Senior horses may have trouble maintaining weight. Here is what you can do to keep some bloom on them.

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The capacity of the gastrointestinal tract to absorb nutrients becomes less efficient as horses age. Many older horses are unable to maintain acceptable body condition on a normal grain ration alone, so at this point adding a fat supplement into a senior’s diet becomes beneficial.

Fat is a concentrated energy source: it increases calorie consumption and improves body condition without having to feed large grain meals. A small meal size facilitates digestion. The more efficient the digestive tract becomes, the more nutrients a horse absorbs. Research has shown that high-fat diets reduce the risk of the metabolic disorders.

Older horses often need additional vitamin E and direct-fed microbials to remain in good condition. Natural vitamin E has the additional benefits of helping older horses maintain a robust immune system, and protect muscle and nerve cells from the oxidative stress that is part of aging. A healthy microbial population enhances digestibility and produces vitamins.

EndurExtra from Kentucky Performance Products is a high-fat supplement that contains a whopping 50 percent fat, along with direct-fed microbials and natural vitamin E. Since EndurExtra is concentrated, you can feed as little as eight ounces a day and get great results.

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Challenge: Maintaining healthy vitamin E levels when horse’s don’t have access to fresh green grass
Solution: Elevate® Maintenance Powder, Natural vitamin E


  • Maintains healthy muscles, reducing soreness and stiffness
  • Supports normal nerve function
  • Sustains a robust immune system

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