Kentucky Performance Products: Keep Your Horses Drinking!

Keeping your horses properly hydrated can prevent a number of health issues, so be sure to keep your horses drinking! Using electrolytes can help.

By Joe and Penny Most, equine clinicians and owners of Perfect Partners Equine

Horses can be finicky drinkers, especially when traveling. For our horses we use electrolytes daily in their feed to encourage them to drink. Oftentimes when a new supplement is added, horses will not eat their feed very well. We may begin with just a pinch of supplement in their feed and increase at each feeding until we reach the recommended daily dosage. By introducing the electrolytes slowly, the horses are less likely to notice it in their feed.

If traveling, you should start using your electrolytes several days in advance of your trip and continue use until you return home. If you are concerned about your horses’ water intake during those cold winter months you can use your electrolytes throughout the winter to ensure they stay hydrated. Summer is also a good time to consider using an electrolyte to maintain hydration for riding during those hot days.

If you have a dehydrated horse on the trail or during a trip, it can cause many other issues to arise and interfere with your event or equine adventure. With a little preventative maintenance, some of the major health issues that can occur with travel and weather can be avoided.

Our choice of electrolyte is Summer Games® Electrolyte from Kentucky Performance Products. You may want to use it year-round or for those special occasions that you feel your horse may have trouble staying hydrated. A healthy horse equals a happy horse owner.

Happy Trails from Perfect Partners Equine!

Sponsored by Summer Games® Electrolyte. Summer Games keeps horses drinking so they stay properly hydrated, and replenishes the electrolytes and trace minerals lost during sweating.

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Fight back against colic and digestive upset.

Neigh-Lox® Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain your horse’s digestive tract in peak condition by supporting both the gastrointestinal tissues and the beneficial bacteria that populate the gut. Maintaining a healthy digestive tract reduces the risk of colonic and gastric ulcers, colic, laminitis related to hindgut acidosis, and oxidative stress that damages digestive tract tissues themselves. Horses with a well-balanced GI tract have good appetites, absorb more nutrients from their diets, maintain a strong immune system, and stay healthier.

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