Kentucky Performance Products: Horse Supplement Storage Tips

Are you storing your supplements correctly?

If there’s anything equestrians love, it’s their supplements. Ordering new supplements is akin to going shopping for office supplies — there’s just something really, really satisfying about it. But are you storing your supplements correctly? Here are some tips from Kentucky Performance Products.


  • These are general guidelines. Be sure to check the label on each supplement.
  • Never feed a supplement past its expiration date.
  • Powders and pellets tend to be more stable and can withstand environmental extremes better than pastes and liquids.


Best stored at room temperature, sealed tightly.

Extreme heat

  • Reduces potency and stability.
  • Results in melting and leaking of pastes.


  • Alters molecular structure and destroys nutritive value.

Direct sunlight and open air

  • Degrades potency of nutrients.

Additional tips

  • When weather conditions are extremely cold or hot, provide your delivery company with a safe place to leave your order.
  • Minimize the time supplements are exposed to high temperatures in your car. Leave a window cracked and use a sun-shield to reduce overheating. Transport supplements in a cooler.
  • Keep supplements out of direct sunlight and sealed tightly.
  • Do not mix with feeds or other supplements until right before feeding.
  • Ask the manufacturer if there is a pump or adapter for ease of use.


Best stored in a place between 50°F and 70°F with a humidity of 40% to 50%, sealed tightly.

Extreme heat

  • Tolerates short periods of heating.


  • Rarely impacts nutritive value.

High humidity

  • Leads to clumping, mold, and a reduction in nutritive value.

Direct sunlight and open air

  • Degrades potency of nutrients.


  • Take the time to open the bag carefully and reseal the liner after every use.
  • Make sure lids are closed completely to allow the gasket to prevent moisture from entering the container.
  • If a supplement contains a desiccant, it is important to leave it in the bucket.
  • Consider getting a screw-top lid. This converts the bucket into a screw-top container for ease of use.
  • Can be mixed with other supplements or added to feed in advance, as long as it is stored in a sealed container that is kept in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Store large buckets in your house and keep a smaller bucket in the barn and refill it when needed.


  • In a pinch, Elevate® W.S. can be measured with the cap. One full cap equals 6 ml (3,000 IU).
  • One squirt of a Contribute™ pump equals 1 ounce.

You can download a printable version of the infographic here.

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