Reader Photo Challenge, Part II: Love Those Long Ears!

Here are 21 long-eared equines that’ll make you swoon!

Okay, so despite forgetting about last week’s reader photo challenge, I did manage to remember this week’s.

This week’s reader photo challenge asked to see our readers’ favorite long-eared equine pals. Whether they were donkeys, mules or some other version thereof, we wanted to see them. Boy, did our readers deliver! With nearly 80 submissions, we had some tough decisions to make.

Here are 21 lovable long ears to make you swoon:

Ruth, owned by Hohmann Performance Horses, ridden by Laren Shae. Photo by Kasey Jackson.

Valentine and Stella ready to drop their hot new album. Photo by Christy Castle.

Blossom! Photo by Lori Tankel.

Photo by Sophie Glace of her sweet 😈 children !

Photo by Singing Cat Saddlery of my mule Mjölnir.

BLM burro Balto in the dark. Photo by Dana J White.

Phin & Ferb with my granddaughter. Photo by P.Conn.

My 3 yr old Maggie. Photo by Carrie Dugan.

Sterling, my buddy at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, says he knows mules are the best. *wink wink* Photo by Emily Bernstein.

Fancy, our 9 month old mini donkey. Photo by Caty Fike.

My long-eared buddy “Cappy.” Photo by Rich McCarthy.

Skippy. Photo by Bri Siepmann.

Our rescue donkeys Juniper (grey) and Clove (black). Absolute sweethearts! Photo by North Falls.

Photo by Lynne Rose Galbreath Manage.

Photo by Anna Humes.

Photo by Meredith Knight.

Don K eating tortilla chips! Photo by Emma Copas.

Caitlin Dinkel Cottam and her BLM burro, Radar! Photo by Ashly Correia.

Photo by Misty Ashbrook.

Photo by Spurred B Designs.

Bruno is a mule with tons of personality at The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary that I play with! Photo by Rebecca Phelps.

The cover photo is Shrek, who is also at The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary. He’s a cute friend of Bruno’s and they love to get into trouble together! Photo by Rebecca Phelps.

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the end of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!