Thursday Video: Venerable Vaulting

We’ve always had a lot of respect for vaulters. That only increases when we see videos like these!

Vaulting is a pretty amazing sport. Anytime I watch it, I am in awe of the well trained horses and the athleticism and seeming lack of fear of the equestrians. It’s a sport I wish I knew more about and one that I had attempted when I was younger, fitter and slightly less concerned about how hard the ground can be.

Instagrammer bakkegaardens_charlie highlights exactly how impressive vaulting is. Not only does she show the finished product, but also she shows the work that goes into getting it right. Check out this drill below. We’re impressed!

She also shows how hard work pays off with these side-by-side videos:

We’re awe-struck by the talent and work ethic of this vaulter. We can’t wait to see more from her.

Happy Thursday, Horse Nation. Go vaulting and go riding!