Kentucky Performance Products Tuesday Video: Synchronized Side Pass

Who side passes better? The horse or her trainer?

Look at this fancy footwork! No restraints and no aids — just a subtle cue and some really good training! After watching this video, we’re inspired to get out of our seats and teach our horses something new!

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I’m so happy tonight cause Ciara is doing a lot better in her muscles and in her back!!!❤️Thank you so so much @bondibella for helping her with your magical hands!🙏🏼💗🌟 This video is from another day showing some stretchy movements we’ve been doing lately, a little bit overworked here maybe but well, a great stretch😅(put some sound on it cause don’t want you to hear me instruct the camera assistant😹🙈) Couldn’t have wished for a better start this year☺️✨💗 • • • • • • • #libertyhorse #liberty #libertytraining #horse #greyhorse #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #equine #pferde #equestrian #frihet #cutie #clicker #clickertraining #klickerträning #klicker #positivereinforcementtraining #positivereinforcement #powerhorse #horsepower #lovemyhorse #horselife #equestrianlife #superpower #superhorse #sidepass #stretch #myhearthorse #loveforlife

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Go riding, Horse Nation!

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