The Idea of Order: Social Distancing…

Yup. Been practicing that my whole life…
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This week’s comic is dedicated to the supremely unfunny COVID-19. (Ok, the memes *are* a fairly hilarious distraction that also present so many questions: Is a pickup truck of TP REALLY necessary? How long can you survive in a house with only your immediate family members? Are horse people uniquely equipped to survive when all the bars, clubs, restaurants and other avenues of social interaction are shut down?…🤔😂)

Certainly I do not mean to make light of the current pandemic. Quite the contrary. These are unprecedented, anxiety riddled times to be sure (socially, politically and economically). I wish I had an answer, but alas all that I can offer is the suggestion that rather than focus on the terrifying unknowns, that you instead use the time to reflect, create, cuddle your critters and otherwise work to grow yourself as a person. If the world ends tomorrow from the zombie apocalypse, or if it goes on to be straight up shenanigans for another day, you can’t lose by being a better human being.

Much love to you all.

Go Riding!

Morgane Schmidt is a 36-year-old teacher/artist/dressage trainer/show announcer/ who still hasn’t quite decided what she wants to be when she grows up. A native Floridian, she now lives in Reno, NV, where she’s been able to confirm her suspicion that snow is utterly worthless. Though she has run the gamut of equestrian disciplines, her favorite is dressage. She was recently able to complete her USDF bronze and silver medals and is currently working on her gold. Generally speaking her life is largely ruled by Woody, a 14.2 hand beastly quarter horse, Willie, a now beastly 9-year-old Dutch gelding, and Stormy, her friend’s nearly all white paint gelding with a penchant for finding every mud hole and pee spot in existence. Visit her website at

Photo (c) Tamara with the Camera