Kentucky Performance Products : Nutritional Mythbusting — Plain Organic Grains

Plain organic grains are the best nutrition for your horses. Fact or fiction?

Photo courtesy of Kentucky Performance Products

Nutritional myth: Plain organic grains are the best nutrition for your horses.


While organic grains are free of some pesticides and other chemicals, plain grains do not provide balanced nutrition to your horse. Grains are high in starch and sugar and they contain higher levels of phosphorous than calcium. On the other hand, when formulating commercial concentrates, nutritionists have added an assortment of proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals to balance the ration so it is providing the nutrients your horses need to remain healthy. Some companies even utilize organic grains in their products when they can source them.

Take-home message: An unbalanced organic diet might be more detrimental to your horse than a well-balanced inorganic one! If you want to “go organic” make sure you are feeding a diet that is properly balanced.

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