Tuesday Video: One Funny Act

Prepare yourself for a good laugh with this video! There’s nothing better than a man in a horse riding costume making up his horse act.

As an equestrian, no matter what discipline you ride, you can relate to what this member of les Goulus is portraying. This video is extremely humorous mainly because it has so much truth to it. We can all relate to the times when our horse decides to be, well… spirited.

This horseman depicts the all the common misbehaviors such as unwanted sidepassing, trotting in place and bolting forward. He even goes as far as demonstrating when your horse loses all control and starts running into other horses.

If only we could laugh at situations like these when they occur in real life.

May you find as much humor in your riding adventures as we do in les Goulus as the Horsemen.

Go riding!