Tuesday Video: ‘Come On, Brian!’

If you have a horse like Brian, there’s no need worry when three need to get worked but you only have two riders…

Our race-training friends in Australia and New Zealand seem to have no shortage of amazing videos from training on the beach — see Exhibit A, this gorgeous drone video, or Exhibit B, the ever-popular swim-the-racehorse-with-the-dolphins routine — but this one might just take the cake as our new favorite.

Nek Minnit, known to his friends as “Brian,” is a true professional when it comes to training — he knows the routine so well that he doesn’t even require a rider to go for his morning jog on the beach. I’ve done some pretty far-out things in my horse life, but this never would have occurred to me!

PHELAN RACING SPECIAL ???Everyone thinks they have the coolest horse in the world but I actually do!!???- When we only have 2 riders but 3 horses to work at the beach…this is what happens!Nek Minnit (Brian) doesnt need a rider, he works himself and shows how much he loves us. The best way to work a horse. Happy and loving life. Brian I've always known how amazing you are but now the whole world can see it too!! ?????

Posted by Emily Farr on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Well, those Thoroughbreds are just so wild and crazy that you can’t trust them to do anything… said no one who had ever actually ridden one. Brian, you’re a star. Don’t ever change.

Go riding!

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