Happy National Unicorn Day!

From all of us at Horse Unicorn Nation, we hope you have a wonderful day full of glitter and rainbows… and of course, plenty of time spent with your real-life magical creatures.

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Apparently, it’s National Unicorn Day, and if there’s one thing we love at Horse Nation, it’s a random national holiday.

The origins of National Unicorn Day remain hazy at best, veiled in a rainbow-hued glow suggesting that it may be a “national day” only in the United Kingdom. Unicorns are, after all, the national animal of Scotland. But the recent “unicorn craze” is truly international, so why not join in the fun?

A traditional unicorn. Wikimedia Commons

Okay, so maybe by “unicorn craze” we just mean regular folks making everything shimmery, glittery, metallic and rainbow colored and calling it unicorn themed, as long as there’s a single horn somewhere to remind us that this is in fact a mythological creature with great cultural significance. Whatever. If we have to get a little glittery every now and then, we’re okay with it.

The modern overmarketed and likely way oversugared interpretation of a unicorn:

Special shout-out to the carriage contingency, who have been driving the unicorn hitch for centuries (that’s a pair, led by a single — sorry if you got extra-excited there for a minute):

A unicorn hitch of ponies.
Xocolatl/Wikimedia Commons

But all of us in the horse world do know at our hearts that unicorns are real, even if for the rest of the world they’re strictly the territory of magical trendy fun and totally over-the-top marketing strategies. We know that the real unicorns may not have that single golden horn twisting from their forehead, but they have hearts of mythical proportions and their own brand of magic, the kind that grabs you by the soul and never lets you go.

Here’s to unicorns. We hope you get to celebrate with your most beloved unicorns today — keep an eye out for our photo challenge later today on our Facebook page so you can share your own!

Some of our past unicorn content to put you in the spirit:

Go unicorns. Go riding.

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