Video: This Song Is Made of a Unicorn Drawing

…and it has just a very lightly sinister tone to it somehow that makes us ever-so-slightly uneasy. I freaking love the internet.

One of the basic rules of the internet is that if you’ve thought about it, it exists somewhere. (Try it — think of something and then Google it.) Case in point, if you Google “song made out of a unicorn” there is, in fact, one such composition:

I feel like maybe 10 years ago when I was in college and hung out part time with the band geeks (spoiler: I was a college band geek, as well as diehard equestrian) I would have been able to explain this better, but alas, a full decade has passed (jeepers) and now I find that words totally fail me. So I’m going to let the composer explain it himself:

So reasons that this MIDI unicorn does not fill us with hope, joy, love and all of the emotions you might expect to feel from a song made from a unicorn may include:

  • it’s MIDI, which these days seems to be a format that immediately makes you think of side-scrolling video games from the early 90s, and is in minor key, which makes it sound like you are being chased by a demon harpsichord
  • the unicorn has eerily soulless eyes (well, just one eye, really) and also appears to be somehow smiling as it gazes upon your blankly from the computer screen
  • it’s modeled from one of those TERRIFYING UNICORN MASKS which explains why it looks so scary in the first place.

But hey, Andrew Huang, we have to hand it to you, because this is the best-sounding unicorn song we’ve ever heard in our lives.

Go unicorns. Go riding.

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