KER Friday Video: Geoffry the Conqueror

The Internet’s favorite adventurous miniature horse is back!

We’ve long been fans of Geoffry the Conqueror, a miniature horse in New Zealand who lives his best life. While it’s true that miniature horses can succeed in modified versions of many full-size horse disciplines, the reality is that for practicality’s sake, they can’t enjoy a lot of quintessential horseback activities.

Unless you’re Geoffry. Geoffry can do everything your big horse can do. Allowed to roam with his pasturemates on trail rides, Geoffry gets to experience all the same adventures as his taller buddies — including a ride on the beach.

First summer swimExpect to see lots more GoPro footage from now on! (I hope!)

Posted by Geoffry The Conqueror on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Geoffry, you’ve done more than a lot of people we know! Though your legs may be short, your spirit stands tall.

Need more Geoffry?

Go riding!

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