World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Geoffry the Conqueror

This miniature horse in New Zealand lives a more adventurous life than some people I know.

Something I never really thought about until I watched this video — how many quintessential horse experiences do miniature horses never get to experience? Things like galloping on the beach, trail riding in a lush, rugged forest, swimming in the ocean… sure, miniature horses can and do all of the things that full-sized horses can, but there are a few limitations for practicality’s sake.

Unless you are Geoffry the Conqueror. Then you get to live your horsey life truly to the fullest:

Geoffry the Conqueror (who has his own Facebook page) is a miniature horse based in Warworth, New Zealand, who adventures with his horse and human friends as he follows them at liberty. Geoffry, though your legs may be short, your heart is that of a lion, and we at Horse Nation salute you.

Go Geoffry! Go riding.

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