Tuesday Video: A Serious Hair Stylist

We can almost certainly guarantee that you’ve never treated your horse’s mane or tail quite like this guy.

Some people are obsessive over their horses’ manes and tails: every hair needs to be in place at a uniform length with nary a tangle, and you should be able to run your fingers through and feel nothing but luxurious clean hair flowing through them like water.

And then there’s this guy: Gascon Horsemanship, in a different turn from their usual viral video hits such as riding around in a Minion costume, pool noodle water jousting or running away from those creepy clowns a la fall 2016, finds their inner hair stylist. No, scratch that — their inner hair artist.

When your barber takes himself too seriously!!! ????????????

Posted by Gascon Horsemanship Gaited Specialist on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Know a friend who is just this serious about getting the mane and tail absolutely right? Share this video with them. And go riding!

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