Video: Pool Noodle Water Jousting

Alternate title: the latest ridiculous/hilarious adventure from the good folks at Gascon Horsemanship.

We’re not sure what they’re drinking in the water at Gascon Horsemanship, but we hope the team there never stops coming up with new (if slightly ridiculous) concepts for their videos. After all, these are the good folks behind the T-Rex riding video, the Minion riding video and the terrifying creepy clown chase video. If nothing else, they’re certainly proving their horses are down for almost anything!

In this latest chapter, the Gascon boys take their trusty Paso Finos for a little old-fashioned jousting with a serious homemade twist: because who doesn’t secretly get a thrill out of whacking the crap out of your friend with a pool noodle while wearing some protective cardboard armor while riding your horse bareback… in a pond?

Gascon Horsemanship, don’t ever change. Kids, maybe don’t try this one at home.

Go riding!

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