World Equestrian Brands HelmCam: Snowy Archery

If you’re feeling the heat of summer this week and wishing for a little reprieve, we’ve got just the thing.

Look, I’m not one to complain about the weather, because after all it does seem as though we spend half of the year wishing for summer and the other half wishing it weren’t so gosh-darn hot. Ah, humans —  we never seem to be satisfied.

Truthfully, though, if you could do with a breath of crisp Arctic air right about now, sitting under a stifling wave of heat and humidity, we’ve got just the thing — a little wintertime mounted archery through the powdery snow of Finland at a brisk -11 degrees Celsius. Cool enough for you?

Mounted archery is a quickly-growing discipline with enthusiasts all over the world. It’s fun to ride along with this individual, who doesn’t let some chilly conditions stop him — even though we’d imagine it makes it awfully hard to be dexterous with your fingers!

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Go riding!

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