Not George Morris Approved: Unicorn Tack

If you’re gaga for the unicorn fever taking over the world, you’re going to lose your mind when you see this.

Photo courtesy of EvoEquine

Evo Equine doesn’t come right out and call their craftsmanship “unicorn tack”, but that’s beside the point. It’s unicorn tack.

This small UK-based business has revolutionized hardware — everything from bits to stirrups — to give you a vibe that cannot be ignored, has unicorn written all over it, and will get you permanently banned from coming withing 500 yards of a hunter show.

They’ve recently introduced what they are calling “The Rainbow Gloss Collection”, which is made from a unique titanium alloy which not only makes Nicki Minaj’s style look like a Catholic school uniform in comparison, but is also intended to be much healthier, safer and more compatible with your horse’s mouth.

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! It has finally arrived, say hello to The Rainbow Gloss Collection! Our Rainbow Gloss is made from a unique Titanium mixture which besides its spectacular cosmetic appearance has a fantastic set of properties making it one of the best materials to use in the horse’s mouth. Titanium is the only metal that is 100% biocompatible with the body and has been used in jewellery and medical implants for many years due to its ability to not cause any reactions or allergies. Titanium is an incredibly strong material and thanks to its resistance to acid in the horse mouth actually promotes the production of saliva! As well as being completely bio compatible it’s nonmagnetic and has low temperature conduction properties allowing it to increase the horses comfort, well being and ultimately performance. Out Rainbow Gloss collection summarised: > 100% Non Toxic > Will Not Chip > Will Not Fade > Will Turn Heads! Available for pre-order now in any shape and size you want! :O

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I know all y’all are going to come out of the woodwork to hate on the rainbow colors, even if it had the power to turn your horse into Totilas overnight, but seeing as I have a long, long history of loving sparkly things that could put the Honorable George H. Morris in his grave, I’m calling it fabulous without apology.

The Rainbow Collection is available for bits, spurs, and stirrups, and can also be bought in combo packages. If you’d like to learn more about turning your horse into a fab unicorn and you the master of the supernatural universe, check out Evo Equine at their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Go Riding.

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