Product Review: Ovation Z-6 Glitz Helmet

An alternate title might be “Me vs. The Cutest Baby in the World: Who Wore it Better?”

Horse Nation Ovation Z6 Helmet Review

Disclaimer: Ovation doesn’t really make this or any other helmet for 4-month-old babies to use while riding, because that would be silly. But dress-up imprinting at home is highly encouraged!

I should start by admitting that I was already incredibly biased about the Ovation Z-6 Helmet being the greatest helmet long before I’d even seen it in person because I’d been coveting it on SmartPak for months. As high as my expectations were, it speaks very highly of the product that it wasn’t a complete letdown. In fact, I like it even more in person.

First and foremost, it’s a really quality helmet that looks expensive, but is an absolute screamin’ deal. I have been in the market for something that had a little classy sparkle, but that wasn’t going to set me back an arm and a leg. The bling is tasteful, and the white stitching and leather on the harness and visor are details that imply a totally different price point. Most important, it’s obvious that it is made really well.

Helmet Detailing Horse Nation

I have sort of a more round and less oval head shape that makes it hard to find helmets that are comfortable and fit right, and Ovation has not let me down. The adjustable dial at the base of the cap makes the fit perfect for every ride and every good or bad hair day. Also, the low profile is very flattering from all angles.

I wore this helmet at a schooling show on a scorcher of a day, and the multiple vents kept me completely cool and non-sweaty, but of course it also has the ability to pull out the interior casing and throw it in the wash when helmet-stank inevitably occurs down the road. #stankhappens

Horse Nation Z6

One thing I will say about the sparkly aspects: If you mostly ride or show indoors, the bling is subdued and understated. A very moderate pop of glitz such that I’ve ridden in this helmet indoors and flown under the radar with my barn peeps. But the first time I wore it outside on a sunny day, everyone noticed my new brain bucket! Which is to say, this helmet has a little more “wow factor” in direct sunlight. I actually really like that about it, but if you’re the sort who fears a little pizzazz (or maybe your horse does?) it’s good to know ahead of time.

I am totally infatuated with the matte navy color, which looks great with several shades of blue from periwinkle to midnight. Other fabulous features include reflective piping on the back, an adjustable chin strap with a leather keeper, and a really nice helmet bag. And for the more conservative disciplines, it also comes in black and silver with the same gorgeous white stitching.

Most important of all, it meets all the ASTM-SEI safety standards that keep you safe in the event of a bad day. So if my critter does grow up and decide she wants to follow in Mom’s equestrian footsteps, she can do it safely and stylishly. (And no hand-me-downs, of course, as helmets should be replaced after any impact or every 10 years, whichever comes first.)

Go riding, and mind your melon!

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