Tax Refund Time! 10 Spring Splurges You Totally Deserve

You’ve paid your dues, and  now you finally got some dues back! Time to do something nice for you.

We know you’re going to load up on summer supplements and new show sheets and every hoof oil thing under the sun for your equine companion, but when’s the last time you threw in a little something for that sweet disheveled gal in the mirror with hay in her bra? (Unless you’re one of our two male readers, in which case, you’ll never understand the torture of hay in your bra, but you should still get yourself something nice.)

In no particular order, here are our favorite spring indulgences, courtesy of our friends at SmartPak!


1. These bright and cheery Tredstep denim breeches with a splash of red in the full seat will have you sitting pretty all summer long! They also come in a more neutral blue full seat, but come on. The RED.

tredstep breech smartpak horse nation


2. We’re dying a little bit not only for this classy sleeveless polo design (no farmer’s tan!) but also for the price! You don’t even need a tax refund to justify this indulgence.

Piper Sleeveless Smartpak Horse Nation


3. As an eventer in the west where we’re outnumbered 10-1 by barrel racers, I’m a little obsessed with the hybrid look when I’m at the barn. Cowboy boots with my breeches, turquoise in the brow band, and now I pretty much must own this Outback Emma blouse to go with my favorite fawn-brown breeches:

emma outback smartpak horse nation


4. Here’s the thing about a glittery, sparkly crop: You can tell people that you got it because you’re just so tired of people borrowing your plain black one because no one can tell them apart. But no one has to know that you actually got it because SPARKLY THINGS ARE AWESOME. This lean mean tapping machine comes in sparkly black, sparkly light blue, and sparkly purple. Do you want me to say sparkly again? SPARKLY.

light blue glitter crop smart pak horse nation


5. Don’t just take our word for it- how about a pair of Smart Pak’s top-reviewed riding gloves? The Neumann Tackified Leather Gloves have a genius tacky formula that is guaranteed to keep clinging for the life of the glove in all weather conditions. And with 62 reviews and a 4.8 out of 5 stars, your fellow riders agree that this is a splendid little indulgence.

neumanngloves smartpak horse nation


6. The dead of Summer isn’t far, and a HyperKewl Cooling Vest might be the secret to surviving it. It works by submerging the vest in water before wearing, wringing it out a bit, and throwing it on. The high tech materials and “science” do the rest, essentially making you a human swamp cooler while you ride!  And as one reviewer smartly pointed out, “Bonus: it’s dirt-colored!” Amen, sister.

hyperkewl vest smartpak horse nation


7. The Ultimate Hoof Pick may seem like something that’s for your horse and not you, but trust me, it’s totally for you. I borrowed one of these from my mother who has a bit of arthritis and needs a comfortable grip, and then immediately went out and splurged on one for myself. It’s not just that it’s more comfortable, it’s that it has more pick, which ultimately means more leverage. I don’t think my mare’s frogs have ever been so clean. (Especially great for thrush season, when you need to get stuff obsessively clean and dry). The Junior is great, but I recommend the Ultimate.

ultimate hoof pick smartpak horse nation


8. Saddle carriers meant nothing to me until I transitioned from my family’s private farm to a bustling training facility that regularly takes 2-3 trailers and gear for thirty different riders to a handful of shows each year. When keeping your gear clean and orderly is the difference between making or missing the class, the Kensington All Purpose Saddle Bag might just save your hide. In addition to being a saddle carrier, it’s also rocking two zippered side pockets and a padded strap for easier hauling about.

Kensington Saddle Bag SmartPak Horse Nation


9. The Tailored Sportsman Quilted “C” Belt is easily my #1 most coveted item on SmartPak. The stitching is gorgeous, the metal grommets are genius and fashionable, and the three color options are just killing me (smoke pearl, misty plum, and turquoise). It’s exactly the kind of thing the government WANTS you to go splurge your refund on. Do it for America, Horse Nation.

TS Belt Turquoise SmartPak Horse Nation


10. Safety dictates you replace your helmet every 10 years, but lust suggests you replace it when something this darling comes out. The Ovation Z-6 Glitz Helmet comes in  black/silver as well as the navy/brown seen below, but both come with that touch of glitzy glam. The leather brim and harness totally slays me, and it comes with all the Ovation features you know and love: adjustable dial fit, excellent venting, and impeccable safety. And it’s a screaming deal!

Ovation z6 glitz smartpak horse nation



Go shopping, and then Go Riding!

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