World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Potomac Hunt

Ride along with friend of Horse Nation and former staff editor Carla LaFleur and the Potomac Hunt through the prettiest corner of Maryland!

Longtime Horse Nation readers will remember Carla LaFleur’s hilarious and insightful articles as well as her fantastic series about foxhunting on a shoestring budget without owning a horse. We’re happy to report that Carla is still out in the hunt field, and this time she’s bringing us all along for the ride!

Carla hunts with Potomac Hunt, based in Maryland. “This is a fixture in Boyds that connects to miles and miles of trails in the EPIC system (Equestrian Partners in Conservation). It is hands-down my favorite fixture. This particular day we did not hunt near the bigger XC jumps and coops, but as you can see there were some cool water crossings.

“The horse is a little bay Thoroughbred named Lefty. His full name is Left Her Smilin’ (or Left Her Snarlin’ if we’re doing ringwork). I half-lease him from a fellow hunt member and as you can see, hunting is the one thing in life he loves to do!”

If you miss Carla’s hunt reports, don’t worry — she is still blogging occasionally at The Frugal Foxhunter. You can also review some of her past hunt pieces on HN:

Go riding!

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