Video: Blind Horse Conquers Extreme Indoor Trail

Watch Endo the Blind casually stroll through the Oregon Horse Center indoor trail course, walking on faith in his loyal rider to help him find the way.

Endo is a blind Appaloosa gelding — and when we say blind, we mean he has no eyes. Both eyes were removed — first one, then the second six months later — due to recurrent uveitis, or moon blindness, a common affliction in Appaloosas. His loyal owner and rider, Morgan Wagner, made adjustments in their partnership but continues to work with Endo in liberty work as well as working equitation, traveling all over North America to showcase her unique horse and their stunning relationship built on a firm foundation of trust. (Learn more about Endo and Morgan in our feature from November 4, 2015.)

Watching Endo and Morgan navigate the Oregon Horse Center’s famous indoor trail course may bring a tear to your eye as you witness the incredible trust, faith and loyalty that horse and rider share. With vocal and physical cues from Morgan, Endo traverses a bridge, walks over logs, crosses water and travels through ditches. Watch all the way through to get a glimpse from Morgan’s perspective and an understanding of her vocal aids to help Endo navigate.

Endo, you’re an inspiration! To learn more about Endo, follow his page on Facebook at Endo the Blind. Endo and Morgan compete and travel throughout the United States, and Morgan posts plenty of updates on social media so Endo’s many fans can follow his journey.

Go riding!

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