Tuesday Video from Dubarry: Indoor Cattle Drive?

Or, more specifically, “indoor mountain trail cattle drive.” Yes, you read that correctly–INDOOR mountain trail, plus cows. Check out this ultimate challenge!

trail cow

The Oregon Horse Center is famous for its indoor mountain trail course, which literally brings the challenges of the trail to an indoor setting. Obstacles range from simple walk-over logs and ditches to bridges both solid and suspended and an actual waterfall and flowing stream. It’s about as close to riding on a rugged mountain trail as you can get short of going to the mountains, so the course is the headquarters of both the Northwest and National Mountain Trail Championships, as well as clinics and open practice sessions year-round.

But the folks at the trail championships are always looking for new ways to add a challenge–so they created a cattle event to go with their epic trail course. From what I can tell from this video and what information I could find online, the class appears to give each contestant one cow and five minutes to show off their skills maneuvering the animal around the course. Points are awarded based on the difficult of the obstacle and skill in moving the cow.

As with most events involving cattle, it’s a lot easier said than done, but oh so much fun. The spectators got in on the good times as well, coaching, cheering and laughing with each contestant on course.

Need more mountain trail? Read a past review on Horse Nation or check out the Oregon Horse Center website.

Yeehaw! Go trail riding!


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