Checklist: Is Your Horse Your Valentine?

Run down this checklist to confirm the inevitable.
Flickr/S. Carter/CC

Flickr/S. Carter/CC

  • Do you plan on spending February the 14th at the barn?
  • Do you not have time for a significant other because your horse takes up all your time?
  • Would you rather binge-eat ice cream and watch Netflix at the barn than go out for a nice romantic dinner with another human being?
  • Did you buy your horse a Valentine’s day treat?
  • Does your heart already belong to your horse?
  • Could you not imagine one day away from your horse?
  • Do you kiss your horse on his/her nose/face more than once a day?

If you catch yourself doing any/all of these, your horse is your one true love this Valentine’s Day. Go riding!

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