Equus Film Festival Names 2015 Winnie Awards

The “equestrian Oscars” were awarded at the conclusion of the 2015 Equus Film Festival in New York City in mid-November. Check out the list of winners and see some familiar faces!

The third Equus Film Festival thundered into New York City on November 20th through the 22nd, showcasing the best in equestrian film, visual art, books and other media. The festival culminated in the naming of the prestigious Winnie Awards, the horse world’s Oscars, given to the best of the best in film, video and documentary producers. With 145 works represented in the Equus Film Festival from the international stage, the 2015 EFF proved to be the broadest and most diverse festival to date.

Here’s the full list of Winnie Award winners. When available, we’ve included a trailer so you can get a sneak peek for yourself!

Festival Director’s Choice: Talking to the Air: Horses of the Forbidden Kingdom/Horsefly Films

Best of Festival: The Caravan

People’s Choice Full Length: Harry and Snowman

People’s Choice Short: “Land of Thoroughbreds”

People’s Choice Mini: “Reflections”

Eq International Documentary: Horse of Kings (Netherlands/Spain)

Eq International Film: The Man From Coxs River (Australia)

Eq Fun Film: “Dream Upon a Horse”/Yvonne Barteau, Erika Walsh

Eq Student Film Adult: “Knacker”/Becca Pearce

Eq Student Film Youth: “Through My Eyes: The Big Lick”/Franklinville NY Girl Scout Troop #44

Eq Director Full Length: One Day/Victoria Racimo

Eq Director Short: “Emma Massingale: No Reins No Rules No Limits” (UK)/Nathan Horrocks

Eq Film Full International: The Legend of Longwood (Ireland)

Eq Film Full: A Sunday Horse

Eq Film Short: “Back Up The Mountain”/Jon Smith

Eq Film Mini: “Stealing Beauty”/Todd Tinkham

Eq Art Film Full Length: Saga (Italy)/Paolo Boriani

Eq Art Film Short: “Equus Caballus”/H. Paul Moon

Eq Art Film Mini: “Live Before You Die” (UK)/Tom Lloyd

Eq Documentary Full International: Blind Spot (Canada)/Stefan Morel

Eq Documentary Full: Unbranded/Ben Masters

Eq Documentary Short: “Cowgirls”/Sarah Briggs

Eq Documentary Mini: “Get Your Heart Jumping” (UK)/Nathan Horrocks, Equine Productions

Eq Native American Full: “American Outrage”/George and Beth Gage

Eq Training & Education: Advance Equine Studies – the Respiratory System/Andrea Steele

Eq Series: Wild About Barns/Pamela Kettle

Eq Broadcast News: “Marshall Country’s Biggest Case of Animal Neglect”/Andreina Centlivre

Eq Non-Broadcast: “Horseware Ireland’s 30 Year Anniversary” (Ireland)

Eq Commercial: “Shannon Ford Fine Arts” (Canada)/Wayne McDougall

Eq Music Video Full: “Davide Penitente”/Bartabas & Mark Minkowski (Germany)

Eq Music Video Short: “PONY”/Tom Lloyd, Dreamtime Films

Eq Music Video Mini: “All About That Bert”/Kristin Taylor, The Black Fox Farm

Have you watched any of these award-winning works? What did you think? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

Go Equus Film Festival! And go riding!

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