#TBT: Horses For Halloween — 3 Films Guaranteed To Spook

From campy to cult classics.

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3. “Dark Vengeance”

This creepy episode from the 1972 TV series Circle of Fear tells the cautionary tale of never bringing home wooden rocking horses. Remember that antique you picked up at the flea market for a steal? Don’t look now, but it might be possessed by an evil spirt. Check out my full review of Dark Vengeance here.


Then watch the full episode below:

2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

While not technically a horror movie, this is still one of the creepiest set of equines to ever be created. Those bloody messed up hooves still freak me out. Check out my full review of the Nazgul Riders here.


Here are two of my favorite clips:

1. Edgar Allen Poe’s “Metzengerstein” with Legos

The story takes place in Hungary where a centuries long rivalry between the Metzengersteins and the Berlifitzings is going strong. No one knows how the feud began, but they do believe in a cryptic prophecy that reads, “A lofty name shall have a fearful fall when, as the rider over his horse, the mortality of Metzengerstein shall triumph over the immortality of the Berlifitzing.” It’s pretty intense stuff, but the Legos make it less so. Check out my full review here.


And check out the full video here:

Go Riding.

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