Rehabbing Your Baby Dragon: Adventures in Handwalking

Seana Adamson, the “Equishrink,” is blogging the rehab process of her young horse’s serious injury. Today she tells the story of Eragon’s first handwalk in a photo essay!

Are you new to Seana and Eragon’s story? Catch up with the first two installments: “The Long Road Back: How to Rehab Your Baby Dragon” and “Rehabbing Your Baby Dragon: The Second Month.”

Photography courtesy of Morgane Schmidt Gabriel.

Finally starting handwalking. All going well.

finally handwalking2

Finally handwalking1

Never mind.

(Click each photo to enlarge and flip through the full gallery.)

New handwalking attire.

handwalk attire1

High-tech pillow to protect the derriere, high-tech grazing muzzle to protect the pearly whites.

handwalk attire2

And better living through chemistry.


Seana Adamson Ph.D, is a psychologist specializing in Sport Psychology for equestrians. She is a United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist, has been training dressage horses and riders for over 30 years, and is the author of “Memorize That Dressage Test: A workbook of mental games to improve focus and flow.” Learn more by visiting

Seana Adamson

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