Equine Harmony, the Fun (& Slightly Ridiculous) New Way to Sell Horses

Gone are the days of browsing Facebook groups and equine databases… let Equine Harmony be your matchmaker. Here’s the scoop on this brilliant new site, straight from the horse’s mouth — literally.

equine harmony

Have you noticed the recent uptick in unique, creative horse-for-sale ads? (If you haven’t, then you definitely need to spend a few minutes watching “All About That Bert.”) Yes, while the most serious of equestrians is probably still going to be browsing Big Eq for their next international superstar, the rest of us are learning that buying and selling horses doesn’t have to be as painful of a process as, say, filing your taxes. (April 15 is getting closer, people.)

Blackman Ranch Horses & Mules are typically viewed as the pioneers of the entertaining sales post. Here’s just one example via Facebook:


But there’s yet another new way to buy and sell, and it’s called Equine Harmony. (You know, like E-Harmony…but for horses.) The brainchild of Kait Schultz of Thunder Crest Performance Horses in Amenia, New York, Equine Harmony is a brand-spanking-new website seeking to make the process of shopping for a horse fun again, while still including all of the relevant information that buyers actually need. She’s harnessing an app called My Talking Pet to create amusing “equine personals” from the point of view of the horse itself. Here’s one such ad for a gelding named Razz:


Now, when I clicked “play” the first time, I figured it would be an amusing short video about a horse–but the amazing thing is that I find myself actually wanting to meet this guy. It’s the perfect combination of horse-for-sale and e-dating (“I don’t really look like this picture…I swear.”) It’s a poorly-kept secret that we as horse owners love to identify our horses’ personalities and what they would sound like if they could talk anyway, so why not combine those features with a sale video?

Equine Harmony is a totally free listing, so anyone can “like” the Facebook page and add their own horse for sale, or contact Kait through the website for an online posting. Kait will also create a talking ad for you for free–I sent her a photo and a brief write-up and turned her loose to create an ad for me. This was the hilarious result:

HILARIOUS. I didn’t even think about the dog in the photo, but Kait used the setup to great effect.

Like many of us this winter, Kait is buried in snow and freezing in severely cold temperatures, so she created Equine Harmony in one of those bouts of cabin fever that’s all-too-common among housebound equestrians. She describes herself as “a recent eventing convert from hunter-jumper land” who specializes in retraining and selling OTTBs (although, she notes, she’s happy to ride or sell anything!) and has three horses of her own.

“I got the idea chatting with one of my owners,” Kait explains. “We were discussing the market and sale tactics we could use to spice up the dead winter market. I had spent all day making silly videos of my own horses and she suggested making them to advertise her horses… I do some website building on the side and decided to make it a new ‘thing,’ or try to!”

We have a feeling that the site will be sticking around through warmer weather, however–it’s just too fun not to share. Check out Equine Harmony on the web and on Facebook, and feel free to list your own horse-wanted or horse-for-sale!

Go riding! (And if you can’t do that, then browse for dream horses. It never hurts to just look…)

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