Blackman Ranch: Who Knew Selling Horses Could Be This Much Fun?

Whether you’re in the market for a horse or not, you need to check out this Facebook page — it’s honest horse trading at its finest, and funniest!

Located about 45 minutes northwest of Las Vegas, Blackman Ranch specializes in connecting horses and mules with mountain experience/big personalities with happy homes. But their sales approach is… a little unorthodox.

First off, they’re brutally honest — a breath of fresh air in the equine sales world. You can tell they love their horses for their attributes as well as their “quirks,” and they’re not afraid to tell it like it is.


LuLu not your type? Check out this ad for Apache: “He’s like a snowflake, you won’t find another like him!”


Or, for the mule-loving crowd, “Double Wide Clyde” (also pictured at top) sounds adorable to the max — literally:



(Sorry to break all of your hearts — it looks like Double Wide Clyde has already been sold.)

Blackman Ranch also sells random assorted used tack:





So, does Blackman Ranch’s “humor-infused honesty is the best policy” sales strategy work? It would appear so!


Blackman Ranch, we like your style.

Check them out on Facebook here. Go Riding!


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