So THAT’S Why You Shouldn’t Lunge a Draft Horse

One of my FB friends shared this video with the caption “why you should never lunge a draft horse” — which had me pretty confused until I watched it. Spoiler alert: The draft horse wins.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 4.06.38 PMclick to watch the video

This could actually be great practice for individuals like myself who can’t water ski. Just find a willing participant, in this case, a giant Percheron named Phantom, clip on a lunge line, and tell him to trot on!

So long as you hang on tight, what could possible go wrong? /sarcasm

In all fairness, Phantom seems like a pretty cool dude. Have you ever tried to lunge a big ol’ draft horse, HN?

Tell your tales of water skiing in the comments below.

Go Riding.


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